> On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 10:56:59PM +0800, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
>>Ditto. I've tried Sugarizing newer versions of Opera myself, but we're
>>out of luck because of the Rainbow Security implemented in newer XO OS
>>builds don't allow writing of files by Activities to certain
>>directories that Opera installs to. The Opera dudes will have to
>>create a special OLPC Opera Activity for us like with 9.12 since Opera
>>is not open sourced and we won't be able to do the proper
>>modifications for Rainbow Security compatibility ourselves.

I do a fair amount of "customization" on every build I install. 
Therefore the fact that current Opera versions for example want to 
install something in /etc is no obstacle for me - I just "lump" that 
requirement with the other "system modifications" I apply (e.g., 
putting something in /etc to support 'rsync' between XOs)).  [I also 
install the Adobe Flash-10 player onto all the Browsers my XO has.]

In any case, I have for a long time been running Opera (currently 
9.60) on (F9-based) 8.2 and on (F10-based) Joyride.  I launch Opera 
from its icon in Home view.  I do not need to disable Rainbow in 
order to run Opera.


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