>> The main problem [with gnash on OLPC] I've had so far is getting the
>> Gstreamer Ugly plugins set (non-FOSS plugins, including the MP3
>> decoder) installed properly on XO 8.2.0 via Yum because the
>> Gstreamer in 8.2.0's repository is some kind of mishmash from the
>> older Fedora 8 version, not the one from Fedora 9 which XO OS 8.2.0
>> is based on.
>> Because of this, installing Gstreamer plugins ugly via yum causes a
>> lot of complaints and it doesn't really get installed and updated
>> properly. (I do believe the build team didn't upgrade gstreamer
>> repository in 8.2.0 to the latest packages because the latest version
>> had problems with the XO's camera)
> This doesn't look like a gnash problem -- more like a problem with
> the 8.2.0 repos.  Let me guess -- OLPC's repo doesn't ship or support the
> ugly plugins, due to patent issues, and users can't usefully piggyback
> on the Fedorarepo's  ugly plugins because OLPC used a back-rev gstreamer?
> Will this issue be fixed for 8.2.1's repos?  For 9.1?  Bug #8982 is
> related to this problem; #8504 seems to be this ticket.

9.1 based on Fedora 10 should be able to use the standard rpmfusion
for Fedora 10. I'm not sure about 8.2 but I would have thought it
might be close enough to use the Fedora 9 rpmfusion repo.

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