Just an hour ago (Jan 4th 2008), I upgraded one of my XOs to the latest

FROM: build-762
      TO:  joyride 2613

     (as root) $ olpc-udate joyride-2613


1)  During bootup, lots of messages from JFFS2.
   (Errors show also under 762, so probably a bigger issue with some hard

2) During bootup, xauth complains several times, and creates new
(/usr/tmp/olpc-auth/.Xauthority ?) files.
    (about 4 to 5 times)

3) Some missing lib files, etc.  warning messages only.
    (Does not happen under 762)

4) After 1st reboot after upgrade, created a bunch of new groups in
   (My guess, one for every Activity present)

5) Unable to connect to both WEP and WPA access point.
   (prompts, re-entry of password, but no connection... works fine under

6) Home view, icons are re-arranged from 762 'favorites' view, possible
icons missing too.
   (people will notice this! :)

7)  Correctly prompted 'Do you want to check for software updates?'.
   (However, access point connects didn't work so it failed. :)

I alt-gamepad (o) and went back to 762. Still working fine.

If anyone wants me to TRAC any of these issues, let me know, would be glad
(Errr.. :)  'all' is not an answer.. I don't have that much time available)

I can also send more specific details, if one is interested...


On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 11:30, Build Announcer v2 <> wrote:

> Changes in build 2613 from build: 2612
> Size delta: 0.00M
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