> 1) Are there any existing hooks/systems for Linux for multi-touch?
> That's the only proper way you can get a virtual keyboard to work for
> a double-touchscreen clamshell device (the feasibility of which is not
> sold to me because of the power consumption of running a 2nd screen vs
> a keyboard, and mostly mostly mostly the lack of haptic feedback from
> a virtual keyboard).

Peter Hutterer has been working on Multi-Pointer X for several years.
It is getting pretty usable, judging by the Youtube videos.

> In fact, you could pretty much do multitouch systems with just a
> camera (the XO's would be good enough, the machine would just need a
> CPU with stronger horsepower to do the image processing :P) and any
> surface where discrete image sections can be formed for img recog aid,
> like using shadows from hands or maybe a color-reactive transparent
> surface where if pressure or contact is applied, a particular color
> shade (like a chroma key) will appear to aid img rec.

You can use the pygame camera module to do "multitouch" on an XO,
though it is far from usable for anything but drawing.

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