AMD sees no Geode chip replacement in sight
AMD on Monday said it has no replacement for the aging Geode low-power
chips that are used in netbooks and set-top boxes.

Looks like AMD's going to be pulling out of the low-power computing
space because of the economic crunch.

This is completely wrong and low-power + efficiency is exactly where
all computing should go. multicore GHz monsters should be sold to
people who really need them and not to joe average who just needs to
surf and do ms office work.

sorry guys, lack sleep, thanks for all the pointers on multitouch &
audio feedback interface - I saw really amazing stuff and am tickled
pink that the precise methods I just outlined are already being worked
on :)

will reply on all these when I get back. This latest piece of news has
been an extremely frustrating development for me and goes completely
against the grain of ubiquitous sustainable computing for everyone +
bridging the digital divide. wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!!!

see you guys later. zzzz

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