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>> So this depends on a simple service-announcement scheme. I'll sidestep
>> the how of it, and say:
> In terms of getting a service announcement scheme, I'd be happy to
> work with you guys to find a lightweight svc announcement scheme that
> works for Sugar and for the XS, and that doesn't tie the two together
> too tightly.
> Sugar clients want to interop with preexisting LANs with
> minimal/reasonable effort, and XS LANs want to be friendly to
> non-Sugar clients.
> One odd constraint we have is that we want it to play nice on wireless
> networks, and mesh networks too... and the popular solutions (mdns,
> etc) in this space seem to hog 802.11s badly.

My suggestions:  DNS-SD and libepc (http://live.gnome.org/libepc/).
There's no need for Sugar-specific solutions here; we just need to use
existing standard solutions.

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