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> IEEE chose to make wi-fi networks look like 802.11 LANs, similar to
> ethernet.  It might have been a bad idea in retrospect, but now we
> have to live with it.
> AFAIK, the bulk of the problem with multicasts over 802.11s (and not
> all wi-fi networks) is that those must be propagated at the slowest
> possible link speed in order to reach all nodes.

This is irrelevant, really.  Protocols are designed with certain
assumptions.  Those assumptions (mostly having to do with the behavior
and cost of broadcasts) were true when the protocols were designed,
and are no longer true today.  This is the way of all software, it's
not unique to 802.11s in some way.

>> Like Martin, you are confusing mDNS with DNS-SD.
> Ok, but how would the laptops advertise their SRV records without
> multicast DNS?
> Wait, are you perhaps suggesting to use DDNS to publish those services
> on a nameserver running on the XS?

That is how DNS-SD works, yes.

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