First, I want to praise whoever put together the Sugar packages for 
Fedora 10.  After struggling with Xubuntu and with sugar-jhbuild on 
openSUSE I finally have a sugar test environment where everything seems 
to work!  It was well worth wiping out my openSUSE install and starting 
over with a new distribution.  I'll probably do the same to my Xubuntu 
box eventually.

Second, now that I have this I want to perfect collaboration on my two 
Activities, Read Etexts and View Slides.  Unfortunately, I am convinced 
that collaboration in View Slides that involves sending large Zip 
archives over the network is not and never will be practical.  What I'm 
thinking about now is making the person "sharing" a slide show see only 
the image being viewed on the XO that has the full presentation.  The 
master XO would page through the slides and those sharing would follow 
along.  I'm not sure that's practical, either.

While I'm figuring this out, what I'd really like to do is release a 
version of View Slides that has no collaboration at all.  This would 
mean hiding the control on the Activity toolbar that supports 
collaboration.  When I figure out something intelligent to do with 
collaboration I'll restore it.  Is this possible, and how would I go 
about doing it?


James Simmons

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