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> To me, "two kids under a tree" is a very important scenario. 
> Although mesh fails on current Joyrides, I'm experimenting with 
> manual intervention (e.g., ifconfig) to get it going anyway.

Said manual intervention could be added as a button to Sugar, I guess.

> Aside from ifconfig up/down, what other "control knobs" exist for 
> starting/stopping radio communication using a 169.254.x.x address ?

None.  However, don't forget to investigate iwpriv and iwlist.

I've just done some of my early tests again on build 767 using three
XOs.  The minimum to get a manual mesh to establish is, on each XO:

0.  stop NetworkManager, disable it, and reboot,

        service NetworkManager stop
        chkconfig NetworkManager off

1.  configure the radio (via the eth prefix),

        iwconfig eth0 mode ad-hoc essid qu...@laptop.org channel 6

2.  configure the network interface (via the msh prefix),

        ifconfig msh0

3.  emit packets,


The result is that the forwarding table will begin to contain MAC
addresses.  This is one way to test if the mesh is operational, before
moving units apart.

        iwpriv eth0 fwt_list

It isn't necessary to configure eth0 network interface with ifconfig if
you have no other need to do so.

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