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> 2009/2/2 Tiago Marques <tiago...@gmail.com>
>> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 4:03 AM, Mitch Bradley <w...@laptop.org> wrote:
>>> Guess what? The people at OLPC, who aren't stupid, already considered
>>> every point in the message cited below, a long time ago. So why aren't
>>> we doing them? ...* *On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:57 PM, Carlos Nazareno
>>> <object...@gmail.com>wrote:
>> Nobody's saying anyone is stupid. It is perfectly natural for people to
>> complain about things they don't understand. I also wish I could, from time
>> to time, to ask this or that, to understand many things I don't comprehend,
>> to know what I can do to help. This without getting into any kind of fight
>> with the people involved with the project, who are the only ones who can
>> answer those questions.
>> As with any critical comment I may issue in this mailing list,* please
>> take it as something constructive*, to help (if it does, in any way) and
>> not to criticize the people who are hard at work. That, I think, is what
>> Carlos was trying to do.
>> I got my XO three weeks ago and there's a lot I was surprised to learn
>> that some of the more important features are WIP or simply don't work,
>> especially given the news that I've read, already detailing prototypes of a
>> second version, when there's still a lot to do with the first one.
> Hey Tiago,
> I've been following the project for about 2 years now and the software
> problems you cite (OOM crashing, flaky wireless,  battery life, sluggish UI)
> are pretty much the same ones that existed back when I got involved!  The
> lack of momentum on the software front has been pretty amazing given how
> much the project started with.
> That said, things seem to be picking up speed as more control over the
> software is handed to the community.  I finally feel like there's maybe a
> chance to see some of this stuff get resolved.
> Here's hoping SL's XOOS or SoaS, or else some deployment's distribution
> will take better advantage of the excellent hardware that is the XO-1.  I'd
> really like to see someone try to build a tiny LFS based XO specific distro
> which runs Sugar, and boots in <30sec :)  I've got my personal XO booting in
> around 45sec just by hacking around in the initscripts, and I'm sure a lot
> better could be done.
Hi Wade,
I use Gentoo for professional and personal use in almost all of my machines
and will probably install Gentoo in some binary way to dual boot the XO with
Sugar(it fits the XO too well, in some ways, to simply delete it). This will
be the most optimized code I can have the compiler generate, which should
yield some nice improvements, compiled with the smallest feature set needed.
I have a machine running KDE 3.5 in 80MB with two or three KDE apps loaded,
but that is still overkill for the XO. XFCE/Fluxbox would be something to
experiment with.
I have a server here in college to do a package server, with which other
users may use, but I still need some free time to finish the basic gentoo
based distro, which will hardly come with an installer, other than a "stage"
package compiled for the Geode.
I would like to see python less resource bound but I unfortunately have
neither the time nor the skill to go hacking it.
Best regards,
                          Tiago Marques

> Best,
> -Wade
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