Since you're looking at making a gentoo-based sugar distro, you might
find useful :)

On 2/3/09, Tiago Marques <> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 11:18 PM, Wade Brainerd <> wrote:
>> 2009/2/2 Tiago Marques <>
>>> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 4:03 AM, Mitch Bradley <> wrote:
>>>> Guess what? The people at OLPC, who aren't stupid, already considered
>>>> every point in the message cited below, a long time ago. So why aren't
>>>> we doing them? ...* *On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:57 PM, Carlos Nazareno
>>>> <>wrote:
>>> Nobody's saying anyone is stupid. It is perfectly natural for people to
>>> complain about things they don't understand. I also wish I could, from
>>> time
>>> to time, to ask this or that, to understand many things I don't
>>> comprehend,
>>> to know what I can do to help. This without getting into any kind of
>>> fight
>>> with the people involved with the project, who are the only ones who can
>>> answer those questions.
>>> As with any critical comment I may issue in this mailing list,* please
>>> take it as something constructive*, to help (if it does, in any way) and
>>> not to criticize the people who are hard at work. That, I think, is what
>>> Carlos was trying to do.
>>> I got my XO three weeks ago and there's a lot I was surprised to learn
>>> that some of the more important features are WIP or simply don't work,
>>> especially given the news that I've read, already detailing prototypes of
>>> a
>>> second version, when there's still a lot to do with the first one.
>> Hey Tiago,
>> I've been following the project for about 2 years now and the software
>> problems you cite (OOM crashing, flaky wireless,  battery life, sluggish
>> UI)
>> are pretty much the same ones that existed back when I got involved!  The
>> lack of momentum on the software front has been pretty amazing given how
>> much the project started with.
>> That said, things seem to be picking up speed as more control over the
>> software is handed to the community.  I finally feel like there's maybe a
>> chance to see some of this stuff get resolved.
>> Here's hoping SL's XOOS or SoaS, or else some deployment's distribution
>> will take better advantage of the excellent hardware that is the XO-1.
>> I'd
>> really like to see someone try to build a tiny LFS based XO specific
>> distro
>> which runs Sugar, and boots in <30sec :)  I've got my personal XO booting
>> in
>> around 45sec just by hacking around in the initscripts, and I'm sure a lot
>> better could be done.
> Hi Wade,
> I use Gentoo for professional and personal use in almost all of my machines
> and will probably install Gentoo in some binary way to dual boot the XO with
> Sugar(it fits the XO too well, in some ways, to simply delete it). This will
> be the most optimized code I can have the compiler generate, which should
> yield some nice improvements, compiled with the smallest feature set needed.
> I have a machine running KDE 3.5 in 80MB with two or three KDE apps loaded,
> but that is still overkill for the XO. XFCE/Fluxbox would be something to
> experiment with.
> I have a server here in college to do a package server, with which other
> users may use, but I still need some free time to finish the basic gentoo
> based distro, which will hardly come with an installer, other than a "stage"
> package compiled for the Geode.
> I would like to see python less resource bound but I unfortunately have
> neither the time nor the skill to go hacking it.
> Best regards,
>                           Tiago Marques
>> Best,
>> -Wade

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