at the OS level the brightness and volume keys are just the standard F9-F12 keys

if you look at the 'keyboard shortcuts' page on the wiki they are even documented that way (or at least I think they were at one point)

it's Sugar that decides to monkey with the brightness and volume when those keys are pressed.

the other distros setup the mapping using the specific tools for that desktop. but they all boil down to setting up something to look for those keys and then running the appropriate script.

David Lang

On Mon, 2 Feb 2009, Carol Farlow Lerche wrote:

It seems that the implementations for volume and brightness keys are handled
separately from the remainder of the keyboard in most laptops.  I have
recently been installing Linux in various older laptops, some with gnome,
some with xfce, and have found the laptop "special keys" scripts in
/etc/acpi.  Is this a debian/ubuntu-ism?

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 3:47 PM, <> wrote:

s wrote:
> Summary: I updated
> <>
> <>
> and several other pages, but mysteries remain.
> usefully responded:
>>> I have zero clue where to find the keymapping
>>> file or configuration utility.
>> i just booted ubuntu to see how they do it -- turns out it's easy.
>> they use a program called "xbindkeys" to bind all of the "special" XO
>> keys.  the configuration for that is in /home/olpc/.xbindkeysrc --
>> see an entry in there that invokes /usr/bin/
> I added this to
> <>
> Folks, this is the page where distros note their tweaks for the benefit
> of humanity.
> I think Sugar doesn't use that technique.  ...

but i've been wondering if perhaps it should.

given that sugar is now multi-platform, does it make sense for
sugar itself to be managing the special XO keyboard keys?  seems like
pulling that support out would let it be reused by non-sugar
distros more readily.

what happens when you press F9 through F12 when running SoaS?
(i think those are the volume and brightness keys on the XO.)

 paul fox,
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