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> Happy to be proven wrong, and I guess it could be a Sugar feature not really
> intended for XOs.

Let's let the flowers bloom: I don't doubt that there are many ways to
make *better* collaboration, on an activity-by-activity basis.  But
VNC is something that can be created as a common baseline.  Let's
start by doing that, and improve it on a case-by-case basis, instead
of having *no collaboration* as our baseline.

FWIW, I second Carol's comments: VNC works quite nicely on fast local
networks, such as direction connections between XOs, and I've used it
on clients as simple as a Palm Pilot and a Mac SE/30.  Reducing
graphic busy-ness and palette size helps a lot!  Also: don't run
xvncviewer remotely: VNC is network efficient, but the way its X
client uses the network between it and the X server is definitely

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