Hi Chris,

>   > I wanted to put it to the lists and get some feedback, with the
>   > plans on basing the 9.1.0 release on Fedora 11 I think we need to
>   > have a testing stream based on rawhide so that we can start testing
>   > core OS related bits and dealing with them sooner rather than
>   > later.
> Totally agreed.  The reason I haven't pushed to set up nightly builds is
> that right now Rawhide *doesn't boot* on the XO.  I think energy should
> probably be aimed at fixing that before we start setting up nightlies.
> I pinged Jeremy earlier in the week, he didn't have any strong ideas
> about what's wrong.  I should retry with latest Rawhide in case
> something's been fixed recently..

Oh! I wasn't aware of that as I don't currently have an XO to test
(although that should be sorted soon) not that I know enough about the
boot/kernel of the XO to be of much help fixing it. I wonder if any of
the 50 odd people on fedora-devel that got an XO in the lead up to the
F-10 release could help with that? Greg, do you know of someone that
isn't as busy as Jeremy that could help shed some light on XO boot

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