On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Peter Robinson wrote:

> Hi Greg,
> Thanks for poking :)
>> After a brief discussion with Jeremy, it appears that Fedora 11 in rawhide
>> has had many boot issues on many platforms, and they're tackling them one by
>> one.  He promises to have a look at OLPC specifically on Friday.
> Excellent news. In the mean time, even with boot issues, there's nothing 
> wrong with getting a rawhide based stream in progress so that various 
> other issues that will undoubtedly show up so that when the boot problem 
> is fixed we're already on the ground and can start running. After all 
> there will no doubt be other deps and composing issues that need to be 
> resolved. too.
> Either way, ping me on or off list for any heavy lifting I can help with.

cjb, it was my understanding that you were already essentially doing 
nightly builds from rawhide using livecd-tools.  Am I mistaken?


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