2009/2/4 Chris Ball <c...@laptop.org>:
> Hi Jerry,
>   > I've been playing with booting fedora on the XO, mostly with
>   > anaconda (F9/F10) to be able to run an install on the XO itself for
>   > the XS. I'll try to boot the F11 kernel/installer when one is
>   > available, it looks like there are issues building anaconda atm,
>   > there is no isolinux directory on the mirrors...
>   > Perhaps someone could shed some light on the issues with rawhide
>   > that were uncovered thus far. Is there a tracker somewhere?
> F10 boots, but here's what happens when I try to boot Rawhide:
> http://dev.laptop.org/~cjb/f11-boot

This is Fedora's initramfs, right?

Peter's suggestion is to use pilgrim to create rawhide builds, hence
using the olpc initramfs. If we are still facing problems beyond
Friday, this may be a good thing to do in the interim. Peter does not
have an XO (g...@contrib program extreme slowness!) but may be able to
help on other issues that surface as the result of an available public

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