Comparing staging-26 against 8.2-767, using a NetComm NB600W
(purchased 2007-12-13) configured for either open or WPA TKIP. 

Open works fine.  Connection is automatically reestablished on reboot.

WPA(TKIP): 8.2.0 reconnects on boot, staging-26 always fails to
reconnect on boot, bringing up the password request dialog, repeatedly.
On the fourth or fifth dialog retry, the icon for the access point
disappears from view and reappears a minute or two later.  When that
happens, clicking on it successfully connects.

Workaround: after a reboot, cancelling the password request dialog, then
using the Control Panel, Network, Discard network history, allows
immediate connection.

Also, resuming from suspend on 8.2.0 requires connecting again, but
there is no password prompt.  Resuming on staging-26 produces the
password prompt, and generates the same symptom as rebooting ...
repeated prompts solved by Discard.

Conclusion: the regressions reported by Daniel Drake are reproduced.

James Cameron
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