On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 04:14:05PM +0800, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> > I will have my two XO's there, I will try to have them running different
> > flavors of DebXO (from USB sticks if nothing else, but quite possibly from
> > the NAND), since the future direction is to have them run relativly
> > standard distros, having examples of the different distros would be nice.
> Would it be good to create a new separate mailman developer list for
> non XO OS (Fedora + Sugar) other linux distro ports? (debxo, ubuntu
> xo, fedora xo etc) And then keep devel for main XO OS to avoid
> clutter?

I disagree.  There is no clutter now, and concentrating all the XO
hardware related discussions here is very valuable.  Splitting by
distribution would halt collaboration.

> Off-topic, $250 a pop would be a sweet spot if that provides enough
> profit to fund OLPC considering that the $250-$300 niche is already
> filled with models that provide way more horsepower than the XO-1
> (yes, we can say "that's not XO's objective niche!", but consumers
> will still look at cpu,ram&storage whatever anyone says).

In summary, you'd like to see a lower price.  I agree, but I don't see
it happening soon, because although an XO is a fantastic hacker tool,
we're really doing it for the kids who aren't yet hackers.  The other
products out there that have multiple other purposes, and ship in
quantities far greater than the XO, will have a lower price until the XO
ships in similar quantities.

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