On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 04:33:59PM -0800, Derek Zhou wrote:
> Another thing is X drawing is very slow; however if I add:
> Option "FBSize" "8388608"
> to xorg.conf, it becomes visibly faster.

I've tried to reproduce this, and failed.  Please give me a copy of your
xorg.conf file.

What I did was install debxo 0.4 gnome.img, then investigate /etc/X11,
only to find that xorg.conf is no longer there in that version.  So I
don't know how you have one, and I don't know what you have in it.

I tried placing just the Option line you specified in an empty
xorg.conf, but X would not start, complaining of syntax error in the

Then I copied an xorg.conf from rsync://updates.laptop.org/build-ubuntu, and
looked through it.

Then I installed the Debian x11-apps package, and did some performance
timings, using "time x11perf -time 1 -repeat 1 -all", with different
configurations, to try to reproduce your observation;

1.  debxo 0.4 standard gnome configuration, without xorg.conf file, the
test took 29m 43s,

2.  debxo 0.4 standard gnome configuration, with xorg.conf file as is
from build-ubuntu, the test took 29m 45s,

3.  debxo 0.4 standard gnome configuration, with the above xorg.conf
file, with your Option line added to the Driver section, the test took
29m 47s.

> Why is limiting the video ram to half the size make it faster? 

It doesn't.

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