Dear Sugar Community,

this is the Final Release in our 0.84 development cycle [1]! Thanks to 
our testers the developers were able to bring in bug fixes to stabilize 
the platform. And the translators were busy to get all the strings 
translated. All the details what have changed from a user point of view 
will be handled in the detailed 0.84 release notes.

Thanks everyone for your great contributions!

In behalf of the sugar community,
    Your Release Team

[1] The Sucrose Release Schedule can be found here

[2] You can find more details at


== Glucose news ==

=== sugar ===
*Focus rectangle corners should be rounded {{Bug|406}}
* Restore minimal .xol support {{Bug|459}}
* Check the activity version and replace an older version upon download 
* Friendstray: icon reacting to right click {{Bug|441}}
* Network device icons don't react on right click {{Bug|463}}
* Don't open a launcher window when that activity is already running 
* Fall back to application-octet-stream for unknown types {{Bug|458}}
* Show a generic icon for clippings, if available {{Bug|454}}
* Don’t add_bundle on activity dir change when installed already {{Bug|442}}
* Make mute sound code togglable
* Keyhandler: Map XF86Search to the journal search
* Keyhandler: Catch all exceptions (thanks to Sascha Silbe)
* Give time for exit to execute when closing the emulator {{Bug|435}}
* Dont hardcode the maximum amount of entries to cache in the journal 
* Add standard ‘Print’ shortcut to take a screenshot
* Use keyboard specific keys to set the volume {{Bug|430}}
* Update to new DBus policy {{Bug|307}}
* Fix palette appearance on right-click {{Bug|403}}
* Switch to existing instance of an activity if it’s already running 

=== sugar-toolkit ===
* Catch all exceptions while saving {{Bug|224}}
* Listen for map in Window instead of in Canvas (alsroot) {{Bug|428}}
* Restore minimal .xol support {{Bug|459}}
* Use the same font size independent from scaling
* Don't recursively clean an activity if it's a symbolic link {{Bug|444}}
* Add extension to temp icon file names {{Bug|458}}
* Process .py files in subdirectories './setup genplot' (alsroot) 
* Improve error handling of calls to XGrabKey {{Bug|431}}
* Cleanup temp files at exit {{Bug|435}}
* Let activities provide their own implementation of get_preview() 
* Show/Hide the color palette correctly {{Bug|374}}
* Support setting None as the secondary text {{Bug|384}}
* Only display one line in the secondary text of a clipping palette 
* Switch to existing instance of an activity if it’s already running 
* Reveal the palette on right click on an activity icon {{Bug|409}}

=== sugar-base ===
* 2*42=84

=== sugar-presence-service ===
* 0.84.0 Final release
* No changes since 0.83.3

=== sugar-datastore ===
* Nice, cool-looking 0.84.0 version number ;)

=== sugar-artwork ===
* This component release is part of the effort: "Make Sugar 0.84 appear 
up here:"

=== etoys ===
* updated translations de, el, fr, sv, tr, vi
* fixed 'bearing to' and 'distance to' tiles

== Fructose news ==

=== terminal ===
* Change default font size to 10 from 8
* New translations

=== read ===
* Sucrose 0.84.0 release
* Translation updates: pt, de, sv, ne

=== browse ===
* new translations

=== chat ===
* Sucrose 0.84.0 Release
* Translation updates: pt, ne

=== write ===
* Update to API change, render_page_to_image starts now with 1 {{Bug|152}}
* Override get_preview {{Bug|152}}
* Deprecation fix: Use bundle_id instead od service_name
* Updated translations

=== imageviewer ===
* Remove hacks needed because of (Tomeu) {{Bug|258}}
* New languages and translations

=== jukebox ===
* share/keep button hidden
* new translations added

=== turtleart ===
* updated de, it and sv artwork

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