I ran more ejabberd/presence tests with 0.5.2-dev02, this time with 74 XOs.

My process:
- NANDblast all XOs
- delete all ejabberd accounts from XS (left over from the last test)

- turn 12 XOs on
- connect all to AP, register to XS, restart sugar
- confirm that ejabberdctl connected-users reports expected number of users
- take one or two XOs (out of the whole 74), check olpc-xos count of
neighbour XOs, and attempt to count that the number of icons on the
neighborhood screen matches
- record ejabberd memory usage using ps_mem_py

Results: all success
It became hard to count the XOs from 48 onwards, so the counting test
became more of an approximation.
As you might expect from complex software, the memory usage went up
and down a bit, for example see how ejabberd shrunk between 72 and 74
users, or the small increase between 48 and 60

ejabberd memory usage (first column is number of connected XOs, second
is memory usage reported by ps_mem_py)
0       32788
12      46828
24      61248
36      74924
48      90128
60      93860
72      120000
74      116536

Then, we decided to have some fun and share a write activity between
all laptops. It worked very well but not perfectly:
- as the XOs started to render rings of users on the neighborhood
view, and as those circles grew, the clickable document icon
disappeared off the edge of the screen on some laptops
- the syncing between XOs was very slow after 50 users, but it did work
- after returning from lunch, the write activity had disappeared on
many laptops (known bug)

ejabberd memory usage with about 60 XOs in the same activity grew to 138700

Then I turned all the machines off and checked the ejabberd memory usage: 83612
Some ran out of battery power during lunch, and it seemed to take a
lot of time for them to time out from ejabberd.

I will continue testing by rebooting the server and booting all the
XOs again, checking presence visibility, but right now they need a
charge, so that will probably have to wait until monday.

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