An other school in Cambodia has the problem that several XOs don't boot 
anymore. Some of the XOs have build 708 and other ones build 767 
installed. All are in secure mode.
With a dignostic startup the following information is last shown on the 
OLPC C2, 256 MiB memory installed, S/N CSN75001163
OpenFirmware CL1 Q2D16 Q2D

Nothing happens anymore afterwards.

The OFW hardware diagnostic is still working.
After a clean install the XO works fine again but all the data is lost.

Has anyone a solution for that problem or input for further diagnosis?

I wanted to recommend a firmware update, but the file bootfw.zip is 
missing in the directory for the newer firmware releases (e.g. q2e18 for 
build 767):

Pepyride School

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Subject: Re: XO boot problem
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 11:11:07 +0700
From: Channa <cha...@cambodiapride.org>
To: Philipp Kocher <philipp.koc...@gmx.net>
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Dear Philipp,

I just got one more XO from the 8th grader that have problem with
booting up, after I  did the same as you mention (press the check
button, the right one of the four buttons above the power button)  on
the white screen has this massage, OLPC C2, 256 MiB memory installed,
S/N CSN75001163 OpenFirmware CL1 Q2D16 Q2D . And nothing happen after that.

Best regards,

Philipp Kocher wrote:
> Could you try to press the check button (the right one of the four 
> buttons above the power button) when turning on the XO?
> See this website: 
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Startup_Diagnosis#Check-Key_Boot
> You should see more information when booting. What are the last lines?
> Regards,
> Philipp
> Channa wrote:
>> Dear Philipp,
>>  Thank you very much for trying to help. Yes, it's about  7 computers 
>> are from JHS and they have this problem, and these computers for 6th 
>> grader when you were here, but right now they are in 7th grader, and 
>> they are using build 708. And another 3   computers using by  8th 
>> grader  with build 767, this build installed by  Elijah  at the 
>> beginning of the school year, he is a  computer teacher there. And 
>> these problem we met last month  but in different time. So as I told 
>> you I have no solution, even I tried to ran the hardware test  the 
>> result everything is okay, but when I re-boot it again the computer 
>> play sound the same as normal (the sound when the XO start) but after 
>> that very soon it changed quickly to white screen and the XO in the 
>> meddle of the screen and nothing happen  even we wait about 1 or 2 
>> hours it still the same.  Right now I  had erased everything and  put 
>> the old build 708 back for them even we don't know what problem is 
>> and I'm worry that it will be more computers have the same problem 
>> like this and I don't want to erase the student's project from their 
>> XO, if you can help with this problem it will be helpful.
>> Again thank you for your help,
>> Best regards,
>> Channa 
>> Philipp Kocher wrote:
>>> Hi Channa
>>> I can try to help you with your XO boot problem if you give me some 
>>> more information.
>>> Please give me a detailed description of the problem.
>>> Here are some questions, but if you have more information which 
>>> might be relevant please add it.
>>> What is the build number?
>>> How many XOs are affected?
>>> When did it start?
>>> When did you install the new build?
>>> Brake all XOs at the same time?
>>> What do you see on the screen when the boot process stops?
>>> Can you do the hardware test?
>>> Are "new" XOs from the JHS affected as well?
>>> Regards,
>>> Philipp

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