> While the firmware update will solve the immediate problem where
> OpenFirmware crashes when minor corruption is encountered, unclean
> shutdowns will lead to file corruption causing more, probably
> less-obvious problems down the line. 

How solid is the jffs2 file system?  If I remove power while writes are in 
progress, what are the chances of the whole file system getting trashed 
and/or just the file I'm working on getting trashed?  (I'm happy if I get 
either the old or new file.)  Are there other possibilities, like a directory 
getting trashed?

If a program writes to a file, how long before the data buffered in memory 
gets pushed out to "disk"?

Is there an fsck for jffs2?  If something nasty happens to the file system on 
my XO, what are my chances of recovering any useful data?

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