Hi Daniel

Thanks for the input. The XO is booting fine after the firmware update.

I was looking for the bootfw.zip online, older released firmware
versions have the bootfw.zip in this directory:

But you are right, I can just copy the bootfw.zip from a working XO with 
build 767 installed.

The ticket 7607 got fixed with q2e12 so it shouldn't happen with build
767 (q2e18) anymore. But I got the information that 3 XOs with build 767 
had the same problem. They got fixed with a clean install, so no way for 
further diagnosis.


Daniel Drake wrote:
> 2009/3/10 Philipp Kocher <philipp.koc...@gmx.net>:
>> Hi,
>> An other school in Cambodia has the problem that several XOs don't boot
>> anymore. Some of the XOs have build 708 and other ones build 767
>> installed. All are in secure mode.
>> With a dignostic startup the following information is last shown on the
>> screen:
>> OLPC C2, 256 MiB memory installed, S/N CSN75001163
>> OpenFirmware CL1 Q2D16 Q2D
>> Nothing happens anymore afterwards.
>> The OFW hardware diagnostic is still working.
>> After a clean install the XO works fine again but all the data is lost.
>> Has anyone a solution for that problem or input for further diagnosis?
> This is a common problem seen by several deployments:
> http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/7607
> It is caused when machines are shut down improperly - i.e. the child
> holds the power button for 5secs to turn off the laptop, or all power
> sources are removed (i.e. battery + AC connected, no AC and battery
> runs to zero, etc), or if the XO hard-crashes and you are forced to
> shut down uncleanly.
> The solution is to upgrade firmware to e.g. q2e18.
> While the firmware update will solve the immediate problem where
> OpenFirmware crashes when minor corruption is encountered, unclean
> shutdowns will lead to file corruption causing more, probably
> less-obvious problems down the line.
>> I wanted to recommend a firmware update, but the file bootfw.zip is
>> missing in the directory for the newer firmware releases (e.g. q2e18 for
>> build 767):
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Upgrading_firmware#Steps_to_upgrade_firmware
> It sounds like you are not using 767, or have customized it somehow.
> Official 767 already has q2e18 as /boot/bootfw.zip and if you boot
> with AC connected it will upgrade you to q2e18.
> Could you give the URL to the build that you are using?
> Daniel

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