peter, and greg --

greg wrote:
 > Whichever way you go, strong leadership, patience, and many hands are 
 > required to fight through the problems.  If the community cares enough and 
 > develops the necessary leadership, the project moves forward.  But it's 
 > never easy.
 > It is my hope that people continue to use the tracking bug here, and 
 > align bugs to it, and use it to assess fitness of the current release:

of course.  but the whole thing feels a lot like telling someone
that their local dealership has closed, and they should write to
the car's manufacturer for information about oil changes.  the
scale of the solution doesn't match the needs of the problem. 
(the analogy is shaky, i agree.)

but as an example -- if bugs filed against the XO will be
summarily closed by the developers because "it's not our problem,
file it upstream", the larger OLPC community will be ill-served.

users of the XO are not typical open-source enthusiasts, and
they're not the audience that current linux distributions are
used to targeting.  the XO isn't a general purpose laptop, and
was never intended to be.  it's better considered a "device",
with special needs, and as such i think it will be under-served
by the new generic release and support scheme.  while i agree
that the current plan is probably the best we can come up with, i
remain frustrated.

thanks.  and sorry for the non-technical venting...  believe me,
the real target of my rant is not the folks like you two who are
continuing the mission.

 paul fox,
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