Hi John,

   > It's pretty trivial to disable Rainbow, whereas it's not trivial to
   > get maintainers of half a dozen packages to adopt patches that let
   > them deal with Rainbow.

Yes, we aren't using rainbow in the F11 builds.

   > Some of the initscript changes related to the bizarre idea of
   > running the "anti-theft" process as pid 1 so it couldn't be killed
   > by root.

Or this.

   > But now, it appears that F11 won't be able to suspend on OLPC,
   > which makes it almost useless for laptop use (as opposed to
   > developer use when the laptop is sitting on a desk with permanent
   > AC power).

Sure, but you can install a different kernel on your F11 image, such as
OLPC's custom kernel (this has already been tested working), or just
the minimum set of patches to the F11 kernel that add suspend/resume
support, as Scott Douglass and Martin Dengler have been looking at

I hope we can get some power management patches (even if they're basic
patches rather than everything we have) upstream and back for F12.  We
started the F11 project with the knowledge that we wouldn't be able to
get much of what we need upstream and back in time for its release.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <c...@laptop.org>
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