Hi Chris,

>   > It's pretty trivial to disable Rainbow, whereas it's not trivial to
>   > get maintainers of half a dozen packages to adopt patches that let
>   > them deal with Rainbow.
> Yes, we aren't using rainbow in the F11 builds.
>   > Some of the initscript changes related to the bizarre idea of
>   > running the "anti-theft" process as pid 1 so it couldn't be killed
>   > by root.
> Or this.
>   > But now, it appears that F11 won't be able to suspend on OLPC,
>   > which makes it almost useless for laptop use (as opposed to
>   > developer use when the laptop is sitting on a desk with permanent
>   > AC power).
> Sure, but you can install a different kernel on your F11 image, such as
> OLPC's custom kernel (this has already been tested working), or just
> the minimum set of patches to the F11 kernel that add suspend/resume
> support, as Scott Douglass and Martin Dengler have been looking at
> recently.
> I hope we can get some power management patches (even if they're basic
> patches rather than everything we have) upstream and back for F12.  We
> started the F11 project with the knowledge that we wouldn't be able to
> get much of what we need upstream and back in time for its release.

So is that trying to get them into 2.6.30?

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