wad wrote:
 > This is the current power distribution diagram for A-phase CL1B,  
 > identifying what we can power, when, and how.

wad -- 

a few questions -- for some i can guess at the answer, but better
to ask and be sure:

    - if there are no USB devices inserted, is there an advantage
        to powering down USB?  i.e., does it affect anything more
        than the devices themselves?

    - same question for SD?

    - the keyboard/touchpad are now optionally powered in suspend
        and run.  do you have a specific use case in mind?  the
        only case i can think of is turning them off if we're
        suspended and don't want their wakeups anyway.

    - will we have (approximate) numbers at some point for how
        much power any given subsystem takes?  (e.g., for the
        above case, how much would powering down the kbd/tpad
        save?  this will inform decisions like "how much effort
        is it worth?")

    - i can't believe i'm asking this, but is it feasible to only
        power half the ram?  would that help the power budget? 
        i have no idea how that feature would be put to use.
        or, perhaps more manageable:  half the flash?  if half
        were unmounted when not in use, for instance.

    - comparing with http://wiki.laptop.org/images/1/1c/Tinderbox_C2.png
        (which i'm assuming is "correct" for XO-1), i see the audio
        amp could be powered down before.  is that integral to the
        "HD Audio Codec" box now?

    - also comparing with that page, the RTC battery charger is
        always on now, and wasn't before.  from our conversation
        on IRC, it sounds like the circuit hasn't changed -- is that
        right?  (and that it's less a "charge" circuit than an
        "anti-discharge" circuit.)

 paul fox, p...@laptop.org
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