On Apr 25, 2009, at 10:09 PM, James Cameron wrote:

> Reviewed the diagram carefully.  The only issue I spotted was that the
> +5VSUS line into the RTC charger comes from a yellow switching voltage
> regulator, despite the RTC charger coloured green.  Either it has to
> come from somewhere else, or the RTC charger has to be yellow, or the
> switching regulator has to be green.  ;-)

This is a mistake in the colouring of the RTC charger block -- it  
should be yellow.

> On the individual USB switching, can this be done between the USB chip
> and the socket?  Being able to switch external devices would have
> significant educational benefit in electronics teaching.  Perhaps only
> switch two of the three, leaving the full capability on one.

Quick straw poll on how many people think it is useful enough have  
control over the power supplied to each connector to raise the cost  
of the laptop
by $0.15 ?

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