Tiago Marques wrote:
> On 5/31/09, Reinder de Haan <r...@mveas.com> wrote:
>> Sascha Silbe wrote:
>>> On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 03:16:53PM +1000, James Cameron wrote:
>>>> 1.  Earthing.  The current design has no earth at the AC end, and is
>>>> isolated in relation to the DC end.  An earthed AC plug in some
>>>> countries produces a more reliable and positive insertion and anchoring.
>>> All "travel adapters" (power outlet adapters) I've come across so far
>>> had no earthing so would be impossible to use (unaltered). Of course
>>> this wouldn't be much of a change as the current wall warts also don't
>>> fit any adapter I've seen at shops. At SugarCamp in Paris, quite a few
>>> people (including myself) had "custom" ones, i.e. with mechanic
>>> alterations.
>>> Personally, I feel comfortable making minor mechanic changes to an
>>> adapter, but I won't usually dare using a non-earthing adapter with a
>>> device having an earthed plug (unless I know for sure this is safe).
>>> Actually, if you are able to use a standard plug (e.g. IEC-60320-C5/C6)
>>> at the power supply end, above won't apply at all as it's usually easy
>>> to get a matching cable, no travel adapter needed. :)
>> +1 for inline adaptor its MUCH easier to exchange only the mains cable:
>> 1) when its demaged
>> 2) when shiping to a different part of the world
>>  you would need only one powersupply brick for (almost?) all or the world.
>> i have seen some companies ship a couple of different cables so the
>> device is usable almost everywhere and doesn't need to be custom
>> packed/country.
>> i would go which IEC-60320 C8/C9 which is used for half of the laptops
>> today.
> Completely not the picture around this part of Europe. Most of them
> come with C13 and some are being sold with C7, which is pretty much a

oops i meant C7/C8 NOT C9!!

> standard for other types electronics. C13 would be my favorite, if the
> size of the plug is not an issue, since it is also the standard for
> computer power supplies. As mentioned above, C5 would also be sweet.

both are an earthed connector and so 'require' an earthed outlet.
combined with that almost all power supplies i have seen with a C5/C6 or
C13/C14 connect the earth input to the ground/0V dc output...
if you insert such power supply into an not earthed outlet (which are
quite common)
your whole laptop will be at ~1/2*Uin Vac due to the filter capacitors
in the mains filter.
which gives a nasty shock if you touch both a non insulated part of your
laptop and a earthed object..

> As for safety, adding something like the cable plug of the original
> Xbox pads would work perfectly and it's not as expensive as Apple's
> magnetic plug. Cost of this is something I have no clue about.
> Best regards,
> Tiago Marques
>> i feel a earthed design only increases the risks, even more so when you
>> cant depend on the quality of the mains supply.
>> the only advantage to the earthed design that im aware of is that the
>> power supply easier(cheaper?) meets EMC/FCC regulations.
>>> I hope future XO versions will still have the same broad power input
>>> specs as the XO-1. It's been very useful already (e.g. cable-only "car
>>> adapter", no voltage conversion or even voltage limit necessary).
>>> CU Sascha
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