Hi Ed, Martin

What is the plan for the Fedora 11 build for XO-1, will OLPC sign such a 
build or is 802 the last build signed by OLPC?

I don't think one of the two options is a good solution for small 
deployments without a tech team.

I think for the case of Cambodia with many small deployments 
(educational NGOs got XOs donated from G1G1/OLPC or other donors), no 
signed builds probably means that the XOs don't get updated anymore.

Best regards,

On 12/01/2009 08:04 PM, Ed McNierney wrote:
> Philipp -
> An OS image signed by OLPC can be booted by any XO-1.0 laptop in the world, 
> except for those which have been reconfigured by a deployment to only respect 
> software signed by other security keys.  That implies a higher level of 
> testing and certification than an image that can be selectively adopted by 
> specific deployments who can do their own testing to decide whether that 
> release is suitable for their application.  As OLPC's deployments grow both 
> in number of total laptops deployed and in the number of different localities 
> supported, it becomes increasingly burdensome / difficult to package and test 
> One Image to Boot Them All worldwide.
> As Martin points out, we are continuing to try to move users toward either 
> (a) using machines with boot-image security disabled, so they can run any 
> software, or (b) using locally-developed and locally-maintained signature 
> authorities to sign OS images for secure boot in local deployments.
>       - Ed
> On Dec 1, 2009, at 4:14 AM, Philipp Kocher wrote:
>>>   - It won't be signed by OLPC. You have to be on an unlocked XO, or be
>>> a deployment signing your own builds.
>> Is there a reason why 8.2.2 doesn't get signed by OLPC?
>> I do understand that the main target group are big deployments which can
>> sign the build, but why are others excluded?
>> In the past even release candidates like build 800 got signed by OLPC.
>> Cheers Philipp
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