Connect on WEP wifi.    OK 
Yum update (updated to the newer kernel).       OK
In spite the alsactl complains during boot sound in/out (record, tam-tam, 
speak)is OK

Suspends on lid but on resume the screen comes up but no keyboard or mouse.
On timeouts, dims and sleeps but does not blank. Blanks on keyboard input. 
Wakes up on power button but no keyboard mouse again.
(Un-)checking the power management in the control panel does not change things.

Toolbar does not fit! The stop button does not show in many activities for 

Terminal has huge fonts (>2x) 
Typing quotes (“) in Write results in loosing cursor focus.
Touchpad feels more jumpy than usual bat  this can be subjective or incidental

I had all these issues after the last yum update of the "unofficial os10" where 
it updated sugar/suagr-toolkit and unfortunately too many other packages to 

--- On Fri, 12/11/09, Steven M. Parrish <> wrote:

> From: Steven M. Parrish <>
> Subject: Some testing notes for OS10 for the XO-1
> To: "fedora-olpc-list" <>, "OLPC Devel" 
> <>, "Sugar Development" 
> <>,, 
> Date: Friday, December 11, 2009, 1:55 PM
> If you are going to try out OS10 for
> the XO-1 here are a few things that need 
> testing.
> Does it boot consistently into Sugar?  Gnome?
> Any strange lockups?  If so what were you doing?
> Can you upgrade packages using "yum update" from the
> command line?
> Does sound work?
> Can you suspend?  Does it wake up?
> Please report any issues you have.
> Steven
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