I was testing latest os (OS64) on XO1.5 with latest firmware (Q3A25)
this weekend. There are some thing that I think may be bugs, but
before reporting it I'd like to see if others experienced similar

Everything below applies to Sugar on OS64 on  XO1.5 - I did not test gnome.

1) After reboot, or after a brief period of inactivity, the system
sometimes does not connect to network, or disconnects from the
network, and shows nothing on the network neigborhood screen (many
dots button), only the middle xo symbol, while there are many wireless
networks around  - this happened at least five times in 6 hours of
testing, either aftrer reboot or after a brief inactivity. No such
problem on the XO1.0 system tested in parallel. This seems the biggest

2) In the Record activity, sound does not work - I tried to record
some fairly loud speach, saved it on the bottom, but on replay of the
saved clipping, a very (etremely) low sound - almost no sound,
certainly not distinquishable at all. Speakers were unmute and on max.

3) Record activity does not maximize the camera view to the whole
screen (aftger hitting the maximize button)

4) In Etoys, sound does work reasonably loud, but is very jittery.

5) With power unplugged, leaving the XO1.5 untouched for 15 minutes
(or so, did not measure exactly), all lights go off, only the power
light flashes. This is OK, but no mouse or keyboard action , only
holding the power button for about 2 seconds, brought the system back
from sleep . Is this normal or expected? It does not seem right..

6) There is no shell activity. Is that an intention to hide the filesystem?

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