milan wrote:
 > I was testing latest os (OS64) on XO1.5 with latest firmware (Q3A25)
 > this weekend. There are some thing that I think may be bugs, but
 > 5) With power unplugged, leaving the XO1.5 untouched for 15 minutes
 > (or so, did not measure exactly), all lights go off, only the power
 > light flashes. This is OK, but no mouse or keyboard action , only
 > holding the power button for about 2 seconds, brought the system back
 > from sleep . Is this normal or expected? It does not seem right..

this is normal.  first the screen dims, but the laptop is still
awake.  after short time, the laptop will sleep, leaving the
screen on.  during this period keyboard/mouse activity will wake
it up.  10 minutes later, the laptop will turn off the screen. 
at this point only the power button or the lid will wake it up.

 > 6) There is no shell activity. Is that an intention to hide the filesystem?

Terminal is there, it's just not marked as a "favorite" by default.  on
the home screen go to the list view (click in the far upper right.  find
Termina. and click in the star to make it a favorite.  it will now appear
in the ring when you go back to the previous view.

 paul fox,
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