> I hadn't looked closely enough to see the detailed licensing.  But I'd
> seen the news stories about Google cease-and-desists to the guys making
> improved free versions.  Is a useful fully-free version readily
> available, as a practical option?
The guy bundled the not free Google applications in the improved Android 
OS version. The c-a-d was about those applications. Once those were 
removed it was OK (those apps can be copied over from the unimproved OS 
> (This is mostly off-topic for OLPC, unless there's a plan to try
> Android on XO hardware, which might be amusing.  20,000 apps and an
> active developer base might be an attraction, versus the hundred or
> two Sugar apps.)
I have already done this but unfortunately I got stuck when I could not 
make the wireless working neither could I connect my XO to the PC to 
debug. You know, Android OS solves exactly the same problems Sugar has 
been created to solve just it is faster, uses less memory, much 
prettier, has an usable developer environment and has the backing of 
several hundred millions of dollars and of course several order of 
magnitude more developers. I have to admit that I do not see any more 
reasons other than these why OLPC should switch on the long term. (When 
I mentioned it on the Sugar list of course this idea has not met with 
much support... :)
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