>             I would argue that an operating system that doesn't
> natively host its development tools is not appropriate for OLPC's
> target audience.

Does the XO-1 host its own development tools?  I don't think anyone
has ever rebuilt the system from source code on an XO-1.  I don't even
know anyone outside the OLPC office who *has* the source code for an
XO-1 software release.  (At least Fedora and Ubuntu and Debian cut a
"source release" to match each of their binary releases, and hundreds
or thousands of people download it.)

Could the XO-1.5 host its own development tools?  More likely, but
again I don't think anyone ever has.  Perhaps someone rebuilt a few
packages from source, natively, while debugging.  Must have been
someone with great Internet access to download compilers and such, and
great knowledge of where to *find* the source code in the wilds of the
Internet.  Still that's a step forward.

Does Android not host its development tools because it doesn't run the
X Window System?  Since X already runs on most of the hardware that
Android does, that wouldn't be too hard to remedy -- and would benefit
the whole Android community.

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