> > Since when did it take more than a GB of RAM and 4GB of disk to host
> > an IDE ?
> I think that was Emacs 23.

No, that was "Eight Megs and Continuously Swapping".  I.e. in an
amazingly large and expensive Sun Workstation with 8 *megabytes* of
RAM, emacs would still make the system page-fault at a high rate.

Those young 2nd-graders just don't know what they're missing...  Why
in my day, we had to disassemble 6502 machine language just to peek
and poke the screen into high-resolution "character graphics" mode.
We had to put little pieces of tape over the holes in our punch-cards
to save paper.  Solar powered gigabyte WiFi Linux machines?  Our
school's calculators had neon NIXIE tube displays!

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