With the 20100107 kernel power management seems to work just fine in f11 xo-1 
os10. I am working on a project called Deborah which is a debian system with 
lxde for the xo-1 borrowing heavily from f11 for the xo-1. It's coming along 
nicely and I think it works pretty well but I still have to get power 
management working properly. I'm using powerd which relies on olpc-kbdshim to 
report keyboard and trackpad inactivity. Unfortunately kbdshim also does alot 
of other things that I don't want or need. The volume and brightness keys 
already work fine without kbdshim, for instance. I want to use kbdshim but 
disable all of its functions execpt reporting keyboard and trackpad inactivity. 
Is there an easy way to do this. I don't know enough yet about how kbdshim 
works to figure this out. Great work, I'm very impressed with f11 for the xo-1.
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