So, I guess you don't install any software that you download and run, like
Firefox or or Google Earth?  An AIR program doesn't just
sneak itself onto your system -- the user decides to buy it, or trust the
source of it, downloads it, and runs the installer.  The point about AIR is
that it lets the developer use the same tools to develop rich Internet
applications and desktop applications with attractive "rich" user

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 4:30 PM, Mikus Grinbergs <> wrote:

> > The AIR application is given more freedom -- for example, it can
> > access local files.
> Back when Netscape first came out, I was bitten when a "selfish" plugin
> changed my system's defaults without me realizing it.  Ever since, I do
> NOT want a remotely acquired program to be able to access the local
> files in my system.  [The "nobody" user was invented to limit access.]
> I'm willing to mess with my local files myself.  But if a program from
> who-knows-where might mess with my local files -- I'd rather deny myself
> whatever experience that program is supposed to bring -- rather than
> chance having that program change how I have set up my system to run.
> > Go to for examples of AIR
> > applications you can download and run.
> I did.  Nothing there looks like something I can't live without.
> mikus
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