sorry I'm brief (to the unfortunate point of rudeness) -- I am working
30hr days in a 60K deployment. Which happens to want to use Flash. In
fact I just helped the local team find adobe.com and we are adding the
relevant rpm to the build.

I find it puzzling that there is so much over the top drama. Situation
is simple.

"Mainstream users" get their XO from a deployment -- it's up to the
deployment team to define the OS (inc Flash), and they have no prob
rolling it into the image.

Other users (those that get OLPC's images) are usually developers...
who can hopefully rpm -i MyFaveRuntime-1.2.4.rpm with no problem.
Sonya has you as resident geek I can guess, so it is up to you to do
the rpm magic -- I have similar duties at home as the resident geek.

There is the G1G1 crowd as a 3rd group. If you care about them, get a
Flash enthusiasts gang and spin an image with Flash (get Adobe's ok,
of course).

There is no drama to justify these huge discussions. Let's see the end
of this thread.

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