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I took a look at F# and I think that its support in Monobjc could be trivial. F# seems to be like the other .NET language, regarding the use of existing libraries (for example, a VB.NET program can use C# libraries).

The remaining points to be seen are:
- how to translate to F# the C# boostrapping (NSApplication creation and NIB loading) ?

If you refer to calling


I don't see why this would be an issue at all. (?)
- But I really don't know what I'm talking about since I just started to look around in Monobjc ...

- how to expose F# construct to Monobjc ?

As far as I understand it F# compiles member functions and "free" functions to IL that in C#/VB would be seen as static methods.

I think that it would be possible to tweak the way the attributes ObjectiveCClass, ObjectiveCField and ObjectiveCMessage are treated by the ProxyGenerator.

(When I tried to use CocoaSharp together with F# the only problem seemed to be the binding-issues above. Actually running an application was no problem. )

- provide some sample code to help getting started

Any ideas or missing points ?

NAnt-support for building F# projects maybe...?

I think that it would be nice to have a reflection-free alternative method to bind classes, field and method to a objc-proxy. I believe that - especially in F# but also in C# (now with all the functional support) it would be possible to bind actual methods(anonymous or not) to objc by passing them to the proxygenerator directly.

Johan Kullbom

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