> The 3.0 release use a mono wrapper that replace the old script-based launcher 
> and the native library. If I recall well, you are using custom build process, 
> so you have to update it to use the new wrapper:
> - The mono wrapper binary can be found in the "dist/10.x" folder of the 
> distribution. It is named "runtime".
> - Copy it to the MacOS folder of the application bundle and rename it to 
> match the application bundle name.

thanx, i'll have a look. i saw some stuff on th website re having to install  
bridge ( can you confirm 
whether monobjc apps will REQUIRE that to be installed? ie is it no longer 
possibly to build self-contained .apps that *just* require Mono?

> As for the Ids returned instead of proper object, can you send me a list so I 
> can fix the wrapper generator ?

the two ones i ran into so far:
- NSTableColumn.HeaderCell returns an Id, should be NSTableHeaderCell
- NSInteger is no longer automatically cast (or provides operators) to be used 
with integers; i need to add .value now.


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