Fantastic.  I'll be testing the latest CorePlot this weekend :)

From: Laurent Etiemble <>
To: Monobjc Devel List <>; Monobjc User List 
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Sent: Thu, July 21, 2011 1:19:13 PM
Subject: [] [ANN] Monobjc 3.0.1481.0 Released


I am proud to announce that a new release of Monobjc bridge is available 
( The Monobjc bridge provides the necessary tools to 
develop and run .NET applications (written in C#, VB.NET, etc.) that interact 
with Objective-C frameworks and libraries under Mac OS X. Existing Objective-C 
classes can be used in .NET code in an almost transparent manner.

What's new in the 3.0.1481.0 release:
- Monobjc is compatible with Lion
- MonoDevelop addins supports Xcode 4.x
- The CorePlot wrapper have been updated to CorePlot 0.4
- The Security framework is now wrapped.
- Plus many other minor bugs have been fixed

Check out:
- Downloads:
- Tutorials :
- Samples:
- Programming Guide:
- MonoDevelop Addins:

Feedback, remarks and donations are welcomed !!!

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

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