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On 21 Jul 2011, at 15:18, Erik Touve <eto...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

Thanks for all the posts.

So the license part (due to statically linking) is still the major barrier
for the community.

Yes. To static link, you need to buy a commercial mono license. To use the
runtime without a static compilation, it is "free", but licensed LGPL, which
will be disallowed from the AppStore. Sorry, I didn't explain properly


2011/7/21 Erik Touve <eto...@sbcglobal.net>

> Thanks for the reply.
> I was interested in hearing your thoughts on it.
> Agreed that tools would need a lot of work.  I wasn't aware of the
> licensing issue - which makes development a moot point.
> Sigh.
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> *From:* Laurent Etiemble <laurent.etiem...@monobjc.net>
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> *Subject:* Re: [devel@lists.monobjc.net] iPhone / iPad ?
> Hello,
> There are several points before running Monobjc on an iOS device:
> - Getting Mono to build and run on iOS (feasible with the right switches)
> - Getting the native part of Monobjc to build and run on iOS (one caveat is
> libFFI, but is seems that there is now a support for iOS devices)
> - Be able to link and shrink all the assemblies so the IL code is the
> smallest one (this is the hardest part)
> - Wrapping everything into an executable (this looks like the embedding
> done on the Mac), and link statically with Mono.
> IMHO, the tooling part is the one that requires the heavy work. In
> addition, the last time I took a look, a license was needed to use the
> static linking of Mono.
> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.
> 2011/7/18 Erik Touve <eto...@sbcglobal.net>
>> I was wondering if it's possible to wrap the iOS SDK framework in
>> monoobjc.
>> Unity does an excellent job of mono on iOS.
>> I fully support Ximian / Novell / now Xamarin efforts.  I love the .NET
>> implementation.  But, I'm not willing for fork over $400 for in-house
>> application development - something I'm not ever going to sell through any
>> store.
>> In theory I suppose monobjc could do the same thing as MonoTouch.  I'm
>> certain there's a lot of work connecting all the dots... for example
>> specialized mono compilation.
>> Are there plans to do this eventually?  Can I do this myself?  Are there
>> crazy licensing issues?
>> -E

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