Yo folks

Several people have asked lately what I am planning to do next on ORTE. Just to help maintain coordination, here is my current list of planned activities (in priority order). Any requests/suggestions are welcomed - this isn't in concrete by any means.

1. Add George's architecture info to the proc subscription

2. Investigate and plug memory leaks, particularly in the registry

3. Remove warning when default universe can't be contacted, but leave it in for non-default universes

4. Eliminate singleton and infrastructure flags - just do what needs to be done. Believe the singleton one can be done - infrastructure is not quite as clear

5. Revise system to allow existence of multiple cells and to create associations between jobid's - involves removing cellid from process name, creation of job "groups", and a variety of associated alterations. This is needed to allow multiple apps to run and for correct persistent operations ala the Eclipse effort.


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