Yo folks

While I generally find the new build methodology (i.e., reducing the number of makefiles) has little impact on me, I have now encountered one problem that causes a significant difficulty. In trying to work on a revised data packing system for the orte part of the branch, I now find that I cannot compile and debug the dps *until* I have completely revised all the rest of the system that uses it. In other words, having made a change to the dps, I first have to go through every function that uses it and make the tree conform BEFORE I can even begin to debug and test the revisions in the dps itself.

The problem this creates is that - unless I am absolutely correct in my first iteration on the changes - I find myself repeatedly going through the tree, modifying the API calls into the dps, getting everything to compile, then trying the dps, .....discovering that I need to make a change, going through the entire tree to modify everything again, trying the change,.....

You get the picture. Frankly, from what I'm seeing, I am not sure the changed build system is worth the lost productivity. It works fine if you are only making small changes - but in cases like I'm currently in, it actually severely impacts productivity.

Perhaps an option to create a local makefile would help? Not sure if that is possible, but it sure would ease my pain!


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