In general, I have no problem with starting a little later Thurs. However, I
have found out that nothing was done regarding setting up of meals for the
tutorial, so we are on our own for lunch and breaks. Given traffic issues
etc, we will probably need to break at 11am local time for lunch each day.

So if we don't start until 9am, it will be a short morning session...and
going later makes it very hard on Europe.

I'm hoping the Europeans will answer my earlier email about their specific
areas of interest. Could be that I can creatively schedule those things into
the mornings, and put other things later on Thurs.

Let's see what I can do...

On 9/25/06 8:44 AM, "Edgar Gabriel" <> wrote:

> Ralph,
> I plan to attend the meeting in person, assuming that I get the approval
> to enter LANL (which I haven't yet). I will return to Houston on
> Saturday, so I have plenty of time on Friday.
> The only point which is difficult for me is to start at 7am in the
> morning (at least on thursday), since I will reach my hotel at White
> Rocks between 1 and 2am in the morning. (My flight comes in at
> Albuquerque at around 10.30 pm on wednesday, and by the time I pick up
> the rental car and drive to White Rocks, it can become quite late....)
> Could we maybe start a little later that day, e.g. 8am or 9am?
> Thanks
> Edgar
> Ralph H Castain wrote:
>> Yo folks
>> I need to do a little planning and it would help a bunch to have a
>> preliminary head count. Could you please let me know (a) if you plan to
>> participate in the tutorial, and (b) indicate if in-person or remote?
>> For an agenda, my thought is that we will start at 7am Mountain time (that's
>> 9am Eastern) and stop around 2pm Mountain (4pm Eastern) both days so we keep
>> things as manageable as possible for our European participants.
>> Comments on the agenda are welcome. I hope to put something out a little
>> later today.
>> Ralph
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