Interesting point - no reason why we couldn't use that functionality for
this purpose. Good idea!

On 7/11/07 5:38 AM, "Jeff Squyres" <> wrote:

> On Jul 10, 2007, at 1:26 PM, Ralph H Castain wrote:
>>> 2. It may be useful to have some high-level parameters to specify a
>>> specific run-time environment, since ORTE has multiple, related
>>> frameworks (e.g., RAS and PLS).  E.g., "orte_base_launcher=tm", or
>>> somesuch.
> I was just writing this up in an enhancement ticket when the though
> hit me: isn't this aggregate MCA parameters?  I.e.:
> mpirun --am tm ...
> Specifically, we'll need to make a "tm" AMCA file (and whatever other
> ones we want), but my point is: does AMCA already give us what we want?

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