Yo all

I've been playing with the trunk today and found it appears to be broken for
comm_spawn. I'm getting two types of errors, perhaps related:

1. if everything is being done on localhost, I do not see any of the IO from
the child process. Mpirun executes and completes cleanly, however. Because,
the spawn'd child terminates so quickly, I haven't been able to positively
confirm it is actually running - though I have some indication that it is.

2. if running on multiple hosts, I see the output from the child processes,
but mpirun "hangs" in MPI_Comm_disconnect. A ctrl-C is able to kill the
entire job.

Any ideas on what might have happened? This was all working not that long
ago...can't swear to an r-level at the moment, but am hoping someone has an
idea before I start having to blindly work backwards to find out what broke


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