All the branches from ompi-release have now been merged back into the ompi repo.

(amusingly, we all got a gitdub email for the creation of each old release 

The ompi-release repo is now effectively closed.  It will not be deleted, 
however, so that old links won't go stale, and old conversations won't be lost. 
 We'll shortly "git rm -rf *" in each of the branches in the ompi-release repo 
and leave a short README explaining that that branch has now moved to the ompi 
repo -- just to further accentuate that that repo is now closed / stale.

There were a handful of PRs still open on the ompi-release repo: some were 
failing CI tests, some hadn't received reviews, etc.  Authors need to open new 
PRs on the ompi repo to get them into release branches.  I left them open so 
that they would be easy to find; authors: please close them when you open a new 
corresponding PR on the ompi repo.

The ompi-all-the-branches sandbox repo has been deleted.

As discussed in an email earlier today, the use of the "bot:" commands are no 
longer necessary.  You can just directly set labels, set milestones, and assign 
people to pull requests on the ompi repo (even on release branches).  Yay!

Also, the new github "review" functionality is *required* on all PRs on release 
branches (but not on master).  We have required reviews on release branches for 
a long time; Github now enforces this requirement for us.

The wiki pages about making PRs (and the bot and ...) are now out of date.  If 
someone could go update them to reflect this new arrangement, I would greatly 
appreciate it (I have already spent far too much time on all the infrastructure 
work lately) -- thank you!

Long live the ompi repo!

Jeff Squyres
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